Tuesday's Thought

There was a great meditation teacher I was told about years ago who, as he sat on the grass in front of his students, began to laugh wholeheartedly.  He leaned to his side, pointed to the grass and said with a grin..."they say it's green."

There is a passage by Henry David Thoreau from his "Walden" that I find quite moving.

"To anticipate, not the sunrise and the dawn merely, but, if possible, Nature herself! How many mornings, summer and winter, before yet any neighbor was stirring about his business, have I been about mine! No doubt, many of my townsmen have met me returning from this enterprise, farmers starting for Boston in the twilight, or woodchoppers going to their work. It is true, I never assisted the sun materially in his rising, but, doubt not, it was of the last importance only to be present at it."

Remember that the grass is green, the sun is shining and that the simplicities of life are to me, the important things.  To be present in life itself.


Artistic1 said…
What a marvellous passage from Thoreau that was! I agree wholeheartedly with its meaning, and yours...
Kathy said…
So we trekked out of NYC to see 1776 last night - and it was worth it - your Molasses T'Rum was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Wow.

I think I was left breathless all through the second half simply from that one song. I was left stunned in my seat.

Man oh man, thank you for that song-it transported me-which is what I love best about live theater.


~And seeing you , Kevin E. and Nick W. back on stage together was fab.

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