Rainy Dog Days

Rain today.  Always a trick with the dogs.  No matter how careful we are they always seem to come back covered in mud.  But that's their job I guess.  

My older pup always wants to walk in the puddles. In fact he steers himself directly toward them. He is a water dog after all.

So on rainy days...it's cleaning time.  Not just the dogs but the home.


Tammy said…
James, rainy days are also perfect for watching a great movie and relaxing with a hot cup of tea. This afternoon I watched Alchemy...didn't even know you were in it. What a pleasant surprise! You are quite the versitile actor! I loved your character in it...I secretly kept hoping you would sing!

Dementor said…
The last time I took my mother's dogs for a walk one of them ran straight for a cow pie and rolled in it! The delight on her face (the dog's, not my mom's) was nearly worth it--nearly!
Olive said…
My boy will not go out in the rain, even to pee!! I have a chocolate Labradoodle called Bosco, will be four in October..He is the best dog I ever had...
Sally said…
I was so glad to read about your Drama Desk nomination-congratulations!Nice picture, too.
I voted for the Tale of 2 Cities cast/technicians on the BroadwayWorld people's choice poll.
I also just finished choosing my choices for the Broadway.com site. Boy was choosing only 5 favorite songs from a new musical a BIG problem, when they listed almost every song from A Tale. There were songs from only 7 shows, so let's hope A Tale gets representation on the final ballot.
Between 1776, all your appearances, home and family-you are pushing the envelope pretty hard. Try to get some rest.
Artistic1 said…
It is an utter shame that the Tonys committee did not recognize your brilliant performance in "A Tale of Two Cities". The fact that they deemed you eligible seemed a logical indication that they would nominate you, and, please, be assured that you belong there! Do not let this absurd move from them affect you in any way. I guess they knew that if you were included, you would be the best in the category, and win. Dissapointing...perhaps...but I put more substance and value in the way you have performed through the years, regardless of nominations or awards, and the true commitment you put into your art. Humans err in their decisions, but true talent, commitment to excellence, and brilliance will never be overshadowed by what seems, at this point, almost trivial lack of judgement.
be of good cheer, we all know what you did, and consider yourself a winner with us, your audience! :)
Sally said…
I, too, just watched Alchemy. I loved your character. To hear you speak, without singing, is strange-but wonderful!
I remembered that you had your friend Tom Cavanagh at one of your concerts-now I know how you became friends.
I loved the bloopers at the end. It looks like you all really enjoyed making this film. It was enjoyable to hear/watch you laugh naturally.
Could you tell us a little about the Leading Men concert on Monday night. What did you sing and how did it go?

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