Brighton by the sea, TALE and Hofstra

OK so some updates.

I've been so busy over here that I've not really had the time to write a here it goes.

We've finished recording the CD of Tale and I think it's going to be great. It was three days of massive sessions to get this thing done. 

We all traveled to Brighton today to begin serious work on the DVD.  This is going to be the interesting thing.  We've had to change a bit to make it fit into the format that works best for TV but I think this version will be pretty stellar.

Michael York has come on board to narrate certain sections and there is a little surprise at the end as well.  No...Sydney does not get the girl...but it's a cool surprise none-the-less.

The UK cast is pretty great.  Simon Thomas is playing Darnay. He was last seen on the West End in "Marguerite."  And the great Nigel Richards is playing Stryver.

Brighton, for me, is a breath of fresh air.  I spent my summers by the sea and to me, there is nothing like it.  It's a great town with a rich history and a wealth of flavors.  I'll be inside most of the time we're here but it's still nice to breathe in that fresh air.

One nice thing is that Dana and the baby made the trip with me as well.  They spend time seeing friends and family while I spend time whacking away at the script and score.  

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to sing this music once more.  

And please, don't forget that I have that concert next Saturday night.  It's going to be a whirlwind of travel for me I can tell you that.  

The concert is a benefit and there is a little reception afterwards so please...come on by and send your friends!


andrew said…
Ok... really cant wait for this CD !!! Need it now !!!!!

Anonymous said…
Baby Syndey perhaps?
A said…
I'm so excited to hear that the Tale CD has been completed! Do you know when it might be released?
Anonymous said…
Brighton is awesome to wander about.
so much to see and do.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday have safe trip home.

Rae and Evan
Kate said…
Yay for A Tale recording with your voice on it! It's a little sad that the rest of the Broadway cast is not on it, though. You and Aaron Lazar on one album would be amazing. Someday, perhaps! A girl can dream.
Anonymous said…
Oh this is so awesome!
Liv said…
Oh James this is so exciting! The CD and the TV spot at the same time is so epic. I'm so happy you're involved with it in England. I'll see you at the concert!
Anonymous said…
I'm extremely excited about the CD as well. Saw the show in its Sarasota run as well as NYC and I was worried I'd never have the chance to listen to the full cast. Can't wait until its out!
Lauren said…
Omigod, Omigod, Omigod. James!!!! I'm so freaking excited for the CD AND DVD of A Tale of Cities. You are so making me very very excited for this James. Please also don't forget to put on Facebook, on about when Tale of Two Cities is going to be released KAY? Love you buddy. Glad Dana and Hudson came out to the UK to see you =) Good Luck!

- Lauren
monicaonbway said…
There's going to be a CD AND a DVD?!
That certainly just made my entire life. I can't wait 'til they're both out! :D
Sally said…
I am so excited about this project. It will not be exactly like the NY city show, but really close.

I can't wait to be able to buy not only the CD, but the DVD, as well. Thanks for doing this project. Did Jill have much say in the project?
Take care and get some rest. You deserve it.
deannaborchers said…
I saw "A Tale of Two Cities" several times on Broadway and cheered and sobbed along with hundreds of other people at the last performance. To know that this glorious musical is being preserved on CD and on DVD is such wonderful news!!! YEAH!!!!!

Deanna Borchers

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