The French Open

There is nothing like tennis.  I've been playing this game since I was incredibly young and have found it not only a great sport but a tremendous meditative activity.  

I know...people might say "meditative are you kidding?"  But I'm not.  It's a sport where you are alone on the court with another player and during the game you often battle yourself as well as your opponent.  So, meditative in the sense that one often has to reach a sense of calm in order to play at your best. 

My cousin achieved great success in this game and there are times when I wish I had pursued it as my career.  How different things would have been.

So congratulations to Roger Federer on a great day, a great win.  Long overdue but well deserved.  He has tied Pete Sampras for 14 Grad Slam titles and if you ask me...will surpass him.  (And he's a nice guy to boot).

Here's his site:  Roger


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