Theo Bikel and Carnegie Hall

Hey everyone....the amazing Theo Bikel is doing a benefit concert on Monday.  

I'm helping to spread the word.  

It's for a good cause and with a truly remarkable man and other guests.

Take a peek at the info below.

Theodore Bikel: The First 85 Years!

A Benefit Concert for Juvenile Law Center


Join us as friends and colleagues celebrate Theo’s 85th birthday at Carnegie Hall!


Monday, June 15


Carnegie Hall


**** All tickets now 20% off with discount code: FOTB8155 ****

Click here for tickets:  HERE


Artistic1 said…
This man is such a legend...I saw him in and loved "My Side of The Mountain". To this day, I still have a copy of the book.
How he still looks at 85 proves that age is subjective.
Oh, the striking landscapes your eyes must be gazing at...

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