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So I wanted to do a little update on the Tale experience over in the UK.  It was truly amazing.

We rehearsed the "staged" version of the show or about a week.  The filmed version of the show was created for Public television and will be aired as part of their pledge drive much like the Three Tenors or the Les Mis thing years ago.

So we had to re-stage the show with the television set and the new cast members.  I have to take my hat off to those guys, they had a little a very short time to learn a great deal of material.

Here's a pic of the outside of the Theatre Royal Brighton where we filmed the show for DVD.  A beautiful jewel box of a theatre with rich history.

And also during the rehearsal time for the staging we also began to record the CD.  I would more call it the International Cast of A Tale Of Two Cities.  Here's a photo of the recording studio SPHERE.  I can't tell you how many superstars have graced the halls of this studio.  There are Platinum records hanging all over the walls.

That's the great Mike Reed in the studio conducting.

So...the CD was recorded and will be released (from what I understand) when the DVD of the show is released in December.  Great Christmas presents huh?!


Anonymous said…
do you know if before it gets released on DVD if PBS will air it, like they did with Les Miserables and recently Chess?
Dementor said…
Oh I cannot wait for both of these! *does happy dance*
Athena said…
Yes, it will be a great Christmas present! My husband knows what I want! I can't wait for!

Thank you, James and everybody. I really love this book and, although I don't see it (I'm from Spain), I love this show. Your voice and performance are amazing. You were the best Edward Rochester and you are the best Sydney Carton. My two favourite characters are alive in you.

Thanks again.

Artistic1 said…
Thank you for posting those pictures, especially the Royal Theatre Brighton one. What a rewarding, and thrilling, experience to have been enclosed inside such historically charged walls, bursting with the emotions of performances past...
I must say, I expected to see some landscape shots of Brighton, as well, since it is such a beautiful
place to behold. Perhaps in another post?
Anonymous said…
It was awesome attending your show at Hofstra and we look forward to getting the DVD and CD of the UK version of TOTC.

Of course knowing how PBS works in the past guess that there just may be the ability to get tix to a special show.

Evan and Rae
Artistic1 said…
...to the comment about the Christmas presents...:)
Anonymous said…
I am thrilled beyond belief about this CD and DVD, I was so upset when the show closed as I wanted to see it again, and was worried there would be no recording as a result, I'm so beyond thrilled that this was made.
Steve said…
Glad to hear you had a good time here in the UK. I hope you got paid, we are still waiting for the producers of the show to pay us for our work.

Steve Wiliiams
Audio Supervisor
Tale Of Two Cities
Brighton, UK

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