Donnybrook, Prize Fighting and GMO's's been announced.  

I'll be starring in the Irish rep's revival of DONNYBROOK opposite the amazing Jenny Powers.  I play an Irish American boxer (it's based on the John Wayne movie The Quiet Man in case you guys didn't know) who travels to Ireland after he had a mishap in the ring.  He vows never to fight again and falls in love with the beautiful Mary Kate (played by Jenny).  It's the struggle of cultures and love and hidden secrets.  

I've spent my time in the ring...martial arts actually so I had some boxing within that training but that was long ago and a few pounds ago.  Hence the need to get back into shape.

Ya know it's funny, since I've started this program people are saying to me..."You don't need to lose weight."  But in truth I need to get healthier.  I need to carry my weight better and I feel better, my bones feel better when I am carrying less pounds.  Plus it also forces me to stay focused and eat better.

In 2008 I started on the P90X about killed me. Plus I was doing it in a NY apartment and would almost hit my head on the ceiling during some of the exercises so I stopped part way through. .  It was amazing though.  I dropped almost 29 pounds when preparing for A Tale Of Two Cities on Broadway and it was done with nutrition and exercise.  I spent at least 1 hour on the Precor everyday and ate extremely well.

That's really the basis for all of this if you think about it.  It's simple really.  Burn more calories than you take in and you'll lose weight.  Take in more calories than you burn...and you'll gain it.  

It's why I decided to use the Slenderiiz products as it almost 5x's my burn ratio. But again, what works for you works for you.  

The issue for me was not so much the "knowing how to do it" but more the sticking with how to do it.  By exponentially increasing the rate of which I lost the weight I saw results faster which motivated me to think..."Yes...I can do this again."

Now that the website is out there I want to ask you guys what you're doing and what you're eating. (Sugar is the devil and GMO's are worse).

So please put your comments in the blog and we can chat.  I believe you have to subscribe to the blog to leave comments.  

And obviously that's how we are going to determine the participants in the Get Fit With Me Challenge.  You have to participate, talk about you individual journey toward your health goals and then you'll be entered into the drawing at the end.

The person chosen will get two tickets to DONNYBROOK, a signed playbill, a signed Bring Me Giants CD and some other cool stuff.

Come on...join in for the fun.



LEason said…
Okay, I think I have done this right now -- a little old school with this blogging thing. I lost 18 pounds last year and kept it off. My body is now settled in at 192 from 210. So now I am ready for the next step. To lose 10 to 15 more pounds this year and keep it off. I plan to do it with exercise on the treadmill (have one in the basement) and eliminating sugar from my diet and eating more whole foods. Looking forward to hearing from everyone on their progress. (Kind of scared because now I have to be more accountable with this Blog.)
LEason said…
This is a test - if I can see it tomorrow - will post a comment. I'm on board.
I've always been heavy - I weighed close to 300 pounds when I was in college. But I bought a Richard Simmons program (which came with a Sweatin' to Broadway" vhs) and lost over 100 pounds. I kept it off for years, but then tragedy struck my life several times and I lost focus. I've put most of the weight back on, so I decided to go back to what worked the first time - Sweatin' to the Oldies, this time. That and some coworkers and I have started a walking club at work, which we'll walk together several times a week. But I want to be healthy - I need to be healthy. I'll be a better role model for my students and I want to have kids within the next year - so I've got my motivation and my exercise plan.

As for eating, I'm ok as long as I'm not stressed. I love vegetables, love fish and chicken. When I'm stressed, though - watch out! So my food goal for the month is no fast food. Then next month I'll make a new, workable goal.

Cheers all!
LEason said…
I used Richard Simmons' videos too - loved Sweatin with the Oldies and his videos with band stretches - hummmm maybe I should dig those out!

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