Get Fit Step One

Step One  

What am I putting in my body? 

Food is fuel.  Without it...the body cannot function.  Put in faulty or lower grade fuel and the body will not function to it's potential.  This is where I started, this is my Step One.  

As I've said I've done some pretty extensive research into this area and I found something that has been working for me.  It might not work for you...and that's fine, but I had to start somewhere and my search lead me to the info below.

I found a nutritionist named Deanna Latson (pictured left) and read what she had to say about nutrition and food.  She's pretty direct and straight forward which I like.  

So as I'm apt to do I found her and began a dialogue with her on this very subject. 

I've had extensive conversations with her, met with her on more than one occasion and based on her philosophy...I decided to utilize much of what she teaches for my fitness journey.  

Part of Deanna's focus (which I really like) is using organic, plant based, NON-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods and supplements for health and nutrition.

I heard Deanna speak many times.  At one event she asked a man in the audience what kind of car he drove. Below is a paraphrase of that conversation.

Deanna: "What kind of car do you drive?"

Man: "A BMW."

D: "And do you take good care of your car?"

Man: "Of course."

D: "That takes premium gas right?"

Man: "Yep."

D: "And when a warning light goes off in your car you take it in for service immediately?"

Man: "They don't go off in my car because I don't let my car get into that condition."

D: " it.  By the way, what did you eat for lunch today?"

Man: (Pause) "Wendy's"

The audience laughed because they knew exactly where she was going and what she was doing...and now so did the man.

Deanna then said to the man: "So you take better care of your car than you do of yourself." 

She then looked at all of us and said..."and so do most of us."



Sitting in the room that day I was hooked because at that point in my life...I was doing the same.  I was taking better care of my CAR than I was of my own BODY.  

It didn't used to be that way.  I used to be in the gym at least an hour a day.  I ate incredibly healthy foods and I was in pretty great shape.  

Well things changed. At the time I lacked the discipline to keep myself motivated because I was "too busy" focusing on other things I felt more important.  

That day...I decided to change my viewpoint and change it did!


Info on Deanna

Deanna Latson has been involved in the field of health and wellness since 1999 and has served as a consultant, spokesperson, writer and guest lecturer for some of the largest colleges, universities and corporations in the world. Her clients include over 400 college and universities, corporations such as Smart Water, Pepsi Co. International, the American Heart Association and AT&T. 

Deanna has been an NCAA grant-approved speaker for over 7 years, speaking to college sports teams about their health and wellbeing. She also has been a sought-after motivational speaker in the field of health and wellness for over a decade.

As a master communicator, Deanna serves as the liaison between the ARIIX scientific advisory board and the field. She is living proof that it is possible to completely transform one's own life through proper education and nutrition. During college, both Deanna's parents became ill with life-threatening diseases, a situation that spurred Deanna's own impetus to change her focus towards nutrition, especially because she had battled with an eating disorder for 11 years as well as numerous other health problems that had plagued her throughout her life. It was after her parents had an amazing transformation in their health, and after Deanna herself healed her own body through wholistic means, that she decided to combine her two passions and apply her speaking talents to the topic of health and wellness. 

She holds a Bachelor's degree in communication studies with a special emphasis on organizational communication and a Master's degree in communication studies with a special emphasis on health communications. Deanna also received her Clinical Nutritionist degree from the Natural Healing Institute. Over the past 16 years, Deanna has been dedicated to research and development in the field of natural health and well being.

Deanna is also the chief product officer at a company called ARIIX which is a an high level health and wellness company based out of Utah.  And since the products she develops are based on her philosophy of utilizing Organic, plant based, Non-GMO ingredients, I started incorporating many of these nutritional products into my plan as step one.  So far it's been great for me.


The Bottom Line

With ARIIX Deanna created a program called Slenderiiz. It's a homeopathic weight loss regimen that has gone through extensive clinical testing. 

I am going to have Deanna on the radio show and might even do a live call in that day so that you all can speak with her about this very program along with her philosophies on Health and Nutrition.

I've created a website that I've called (naturally) that has links to information on Slenderiiz and the very products I am using on this program. 

There is a video on the webpage that will take you through details about the program and Deanna herself appears in the video.  You'll also see some people in the video who have had some pretty dramatic and wonderful results from her program.  

In my dealings with Deanna I've actually met many of the people IN the video and I can tell you that they are real and their results are real which was one of the motivating factors for me to try this products.

I again want to be clear here so that you understand.  I am not endorsed by these guys, I'm not sponsored by these guys and I have to pay for these products just like everyone else does.  

This is just a suggestion for you guys on Step One.  Each of you might have your own plan or program and I want to hear about them.  I encourage you to place comments in this blog and we can start the ball rolling.

Step Two will be rolling out soon (it will deal with physical exercise and the different aspects of that area).  


So take a look at Watch the video and let's get started on Step One. 


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