T-Shirts, Tummies and Andy Fickman


What a show today.  

I gotta tell you I love my buddy Andy Fickman.  He's one of the funniest people on the planet and he's not even an actor...he's a director and a pretty BIG one to boot.  

Andy directed the smash hit comedy Parental Guidance which is in theaters now across the country.  It stars none other than Billy Crystal and Bette Midler and brought to us by 20th Century Fox and Walden Media.  If you haven't seen this fun family flick...go and see it

That's obviously a picture of Andy above...find him on Twitter (he's one of those "verified" Twitter people) and tell him that you loved his movie...he truly is a tremendous guy.  

If you didn't tune in to the Star Power Hour you can hear my chat with Andy by clicking the link below.  All of my shows are archived here:

This was one FUNNY show...I had a freaking blast!

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Great comments from everyone thanks so much and keep them coming!!  

I'm not sure if anyone got on the webinar with Deanna Latson this evening (Thursday) but she's a wealth of knowledge.  I can't wait to have her on The Star Power Hour to talk about these issues.

I'm starting the exercise portion of my quest.  But so far...I've already dropped 6 lbs just from the Slenderiiz program alone.  

For those of you who haven't seen the video about it you can click here: www.broadwayfit.com and watch it.  It's a pretty informative few minutes.

I'm still having trouble cutting out all the sugar (Starbucks is my vice) but moderation and dedication will get me to my goal.

More veggies, fruit and protein and less carbs (less Starbucks).  Typical program for anyone wishing to get into shape, but I'm noticing an exponential increase from the Slenderiiz.

I some had basic costume fittings today for Donnybrook which is even more incentive for me to fit INTO what is being designed for the role.

Precor here I come!



LEason said…
Thanks for posting - it helps to hold each of us accountable. It is nice to know that Broadway stars are people just like us and struggle with the same things - like SUGAR! ugh.

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