Two New Shows

Amazing News!

I'll also be starting rehearsals for an Off-Broadway show this Tuesday.  The show hasn't been announced as of yet but I can tell you that I'll be playing a professional boxer.  

This was a project we had planned on doing a couple of years ago but my schedule just didn't allow me the time.  Luckily...there is a window and we were able to fit it in.

That said, I'll be relaunching the Get Fit With Me Challenge for this gig.  I've got to drop some weight  for this role and so the challenge fits in perfectly.  

I've been working with some great products (VERY healthy and non GMO I might add) that have really helped me on the journey to shed the inital pounds.  I'll share those with you and I'll be chatting about it regularly on the radio show. Plus I'll also be bringing in celebrity fitness experts to chat about how they help their clients get fit.

I invite you all to join me on this quest.  Let's get healthy together.

More details will be forthcoming.


And as previously announced...

I'm now hosting The Star Power Hour Radio show on brought to you by

It's a one hour talk radio show airing every Thursday at 10am PST/ 1pm EST.  It's dedicated to the Entertainment World.  I've already recorded two shows. The first with Rock and Roll legend Tony Harnell from the band TNT and Tony nominee Robert Cuccioli.

Click their names above and you can listen to their interviews.

Next week it looks like I'll be talking to Andy Fickman, director of the hit film PARENTAL GUIDANCE currently in theaters. I've known Andy for many years, in fact he's directed me a few times over those years.  He's a great guy with incredible talent and a sense of humor to boot.

We've set up an email address for you to send suggestions and enter in some contests.  

Log on, tune in and take a listen.  All the old shows are archived on the site as well so if you've missed one you can catch it again right there on the site.  Just search Star Power Hour or Me, James Barbour as the host and you'll find us.



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