The Book

It's almost time!!

My new book The Artist's Survival Guide is about to be released and I want you to have it.

In just a few short days I'll be sending out an email with a link to grab the e-book for only 99¢.  

The reason I had them price it at 99¢ is because I want anyone and everyone to have access to it. will only be at that price for a limited time so you'll have to get it within 24 hours of my sending you the link.

After that the price is going up.  They just won't allow me to keep it at that level past 24 hours.

If you want to have access to my new book for only 99¢ then click this link now, enter your email and I will send you the link on our release day.  

Plus when you click that link above you'll be sent a free chapter of my book to read in the meantime.

Look this book isn't about learning how to sing, act, dance or create art.  It's about the business side of the business that we were NEVER taught.  These are the tools successful entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners use to massively expand their brands and their products.  

In The Artist's Survival Guide I show you tools that you can use RIGHT now to generate income with you art despite the current climate and also keep that income coming in even when things return to normal.

So click here now and get ready to grab your copy of my book for ONLY 99¢. 

It's time to put control back into your hands.  The world needs what you're creating!


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