You'll fail

You'll fail.  You'll never make it.  Get real job.  

These phrases are in the first paragraph of my new book 'The Artist's Survival Guide.' 

These phrases are often the fodder shot at artist's as they venture to pursue their dreams.  

These phrases are even the things we say to ourselves when met with challenges and obstacles along the way.  These phrases are poison.  These phrases should be removed from you vocabulary, from your mind and from your life.

In my book I show you how you can overcome these stigmas and take back control over your artistic career (heck ANY career). 

You can grab a free chapter of the book by clicking this link. 

I remember a conversation I had with a guy I had just met.  He asked what I did for a living.  The conversation went like this:

Guy:  So what do you do?

Me: I'm an actor.

Guy: (Chuckles)  Ha..really? What restaurant do you wait tables at?

Me:  I don't.  I'm an actor.

Guy:  (Confused) What do you mean?

Me: I'm an actor.  That's what I do.

Guy: But how do you make money?

Me: I act.

Guy: (Even more confused). Really?

Me: Really.

It took him a few minutes to fully grasp the idea that I was indeed making a living as an actor.  You see the perception follows reality.  We've so often heard the phrase "Starving Artist" and that has become synonymous with creative and performing artists.

In truth, being an artist IS a massively daunting profession and few, VERY few actually make a living at it on a consistent basis.  But one thing that has always stayed with me is the mindset.

When I was starting out and doing various things to make ends meet, I would never identify as anything else but that which I envisioned for myself.  

I am an actor.  

That mindset, that focus, that determination helped me to navigate the challenges and obstacles of my chosen field.  

BE that which you aspire to, then DO the things which encompass that which you are being so that you can ACHIEVE the things that come from that being and doing. 

You can't play in the NBA until you're a basketball player and you can't have the things that come with being an NBA player until you do the things required of you as an NBA player which starts with BEING as basketball player.  

Mindset, personal belief and confidence in your goals will help you turn off the noise, push aside the naysayers and create a foundation from which to build a solid structure.

Grab a free chapter of my new book The Artist's Survival Guide by clicking right here.  

I've broken down some important things you can do right now to change how you look at your life.

Your destiny is waiting.


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