Opening Night

Odd to have an opening night following a Sunday matinee.

I've never done it like this before.  The cast is incredibly tired but committed as all get out...I can't tell you how many times we've run the show in the past few days, in addition to the actual performances that is. 

We've been rehearsing every day and doing the shows at night.  But the schedule at Paper Mill is quite daunting.  We have one show Wednesday, two shows Thursday, one on Friday and then two Saturday and two Sunday.  It's a tough one. 

We're all looking forward to a day off...I unfortunately am having my windows changed and will be up bright and early at 6 am making sure the dogs don't eat the plaster.  Ah the joys of a life in the theatre.

We're ready for the opening however and happy to see it just a couple hours away.


Andrea Rivette said…
I heard you absolutely brought the house down with "MTR". I am not surprised! =)
Enjoy an amazing run!

Andrea (Rivette) =)
Liv said…
Good luck James! Getting my tickets for May 15 to celebrate the end of sophmore year!
Sally said…
Congratulations James! Reviews of 1776 were wonderful!
I think you were born to wear those "poofey" shirts. A gold vest, "poofey" sleeves and longer hair make you look dashing and a little dangerous. Maybe this should become your signature look-just kidding. Great Job!
andrea said…
I saw the show last Thursday and loved it! I have been recommending it to everyone. The cast is outstanding! Congratulations on your Outer Critics Circle and Drama League nominations for TOTC. Hope a Tony nomination follows!
Anonymous said…
MONDAY 4/20/09

"James Barbour, with a pinpoint perfect South Carolina accent, delivers the most exciting four minutes seen in Jersey theater this season. It's "Molasses to Rum," the strongest song in Sherman Edwards' score. Watch Barbour when he points out the hypocrisy of Northerners condemning slavery while simultaneously profiting from it."
Anonymous said…
Last night,saw and thoroughly enjoyed 1776. Quit an amazing cast and your " Rum' number was a show stopper.
Thank you and the cast for a wonderful evening
Artistic1 said…
I also saw the show, and no words can describe your amazing performance...oh, and I agree about the puffy shirts... :)
Anonymous said…
Rae and I saw the show tonite and its great.

Every student that studies history should go see it!!!

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