Bob, Grandma and Wild Reindeer

What a night last night.

Robert Cuccioli was amazing as always. We're planning to do a little something together very soon...maybe February...Hmmmm...hint hint?

Michael Hayward-Jones was touching as always but he brought down the house with a version
of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" that I never saw coming. It was hilarious.

So we've only got three shows left and they are going to be fantastic.

In addition to Michelle Wolf (who gave us a glimpse of her incredible voice last night) I've also got some surprise guests coming tonight and over the weekend.

The music is going to be great and you'll also get a little taste of what Michelle and I are going to do for our Holiday Concert in Los Angeles on Monday.
($20 tickets now available for that one)

Plus you can get Michelle's CD tonight and tomorrow too! It's a beautiful Christmas Album with wonderfully diverse tracks. (I have one myself...why...
because I'm a Christmas GEEK).

Look forward to see you there. And as a reminder there are still discounts available for the remaining NY shows.

Use the "FRIEND" code when you order and Save 30% off $45 ticket. That's the Gold Level seating for just $30.

Keep Grandma indoors! You never know when a Wild Reindeer might come barreling down the street!


Caitlin said…
What an amazing performance last night! I loved every aspect of it- the venue, the performances, the banter (lol). I'm so glad I was able to attend!
Artistic1 said…
Tell Mr Hayward-Jones that someone wishes they had been there to presence this...yes, he does have fans...
And nothing wrong with being a geek of any kind! (I am a bit of a Christmas geek myself) =)

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