Colony Concert

Wow! We had an absolute blast tonight!

I made it to LA from the snow covered streets of New York. 9 concerts back to back, one travel day (that was crazy...almost didn't get out on NYC because of the snow) and then another concert tonight. Boy do I love what I do!

The travel is exhausting and the show can be vocally demanding at times, but it's what I love to do and I give everything I have each and every time I step on that stage.

I've been doing this show for two years now and adding Michelle Wolf to the mix out here in LA was a pure delight. We worked really hard on this one, spent a lot of hours in the studio to find the right mix of songs.

For those of you who caught the show in NY over the past couple of years I want to thank you for helping me develop the "home style" atmosphere that has now become part of what I do and what also fit so very well into the "fundraiser" format for the Colony tonight.

The stories, the audience interaction...all make these Holiday Concerts special to me. I never intended these to be "stand and sing" shows, that's not me, never has been. I'm an interactive person when it comes small venue concerts, mostly because the audience is literally feet away from me.

Michelle sang some great tunes, "Away In A Manger," "Ave Maria" (both tunes from her Christmas CD) and "Have Yourself A Merry little Christmas" but she also added some great songs that are not on her album...."Hallelujah," "Everything Must Change" and "Dimming of The Day."

I did 9 Christmas tunes,

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"
"The Christmas Song"
"Mele Kalikimaka"
"The 12 Days Of Christmas" (Audience participation of course!)
"Silent Night"
"Oh Holy Night" (My fav)
"White Christmas"
"I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Plus a Wildhorn; "Measure Of A Man" and a little Hanukah tribute. Basically the same show that was in NY with a couple of twists. Michelle and I did do "Silent Night" as a duet, which I especially liked. She can harmonize so well and I've always admired singers who can do that.

Anyway, I was very happy to be able to put up the concert at The Colony this year. It was for a good cause and whatever we raised will go to support a wonderful Equity theatre in the heart of Los Angeles.

So...thank you all who came both to the NY shows last week and to The Colony benefit tonight. We had a wonderful time.

Keep your eyes peeled...there just might be a Love Songs show in NY again this February.


andrew said…

Thanks for (once again) making our Holiday such a special time---

We wanted to be at the last NY show so badly, but mother nature would not cooperate.

Keona missed you !! Hope to see you again in Feb !!

Thanks for everything !

Andrew & Mei
Garrett said…
You sang Measure of a Man from Rudolf!!!??? ITUNES SINGLE??? Pretty please?
Artistic1 said…
I caught your show in NYC, and that interaction you have with your audience is what makes your show so special. Besides your choice of songs, and the delivery of these, of course. It was a very special night for me.
Thank you for that list of songs from the LA concert...only one question: Is that the Paul Young version of "Everything Must Change"? Thanks.

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