First Show

We had an absolute blast tonight.

Meredith Patterson was my guest and she was absolutely stellar. What a great performer and great person to boot.

We had a little trivia game and the winner went home with my new two track CD.

Constantine Kitsopoulos, my musical director and I shared some great stories from the past. We first worked together on The Secret Garden Tour an then Cyrano The Musical (which was my first Broadway show).

We laughed, we was better than Cats...without the unitards and face paint.

Tomorrow night (Saturday December 12th) I'll be joined by the incredible Stacy Francis. I'm telling do not want to miss her. Trust me on this. She's going to blow everyone away with her voice.

We have very limited seating available for tomorrow night but there are some left. You can use the "FREIND" discount code an get the 30% off.

Who knows you might even win a CD or two...or maybe a poster. At the very least you hear some amazing music.

Happy first Day of Hanukah!

By thew way...I'm writing this so late because I did the Joey Reynolds show tonight. What a supporter...what a great guy. WOR Radio 710 AM.


Artistic1 said…
Your version of "Oh, Holy Night" is indeniably the most original one I have heard thus far. What a great single to launch your CD! I am so very glad that you undertook this project and took it to fruition, because your voice should be heard by many.
Artistic1 said…
I definitely need to "proof read"! That should be "undeniably" :(
andrew said…
What an incredible show last night (Saturday) --- brought friends of ours, and they will NEVER forget it.

Excellent venue as well !!!

Thanks again !


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