Christmas and McGyver

So one day away from the BIG Night and I am incredibly excited. We're baking cookies today for Santa and the Reindeer and Santa Mouse of course.

We're prepping the stockings and bought those on top of the mantle stocking hooks to hold the stockings...only they don't. They're not heavy enough to off-set the weight of the stockings themselves. Gotta think of some McGyver thing to fix 'em.

By the way...anyone ever read the book... What Would McGyver Do? Kinda funny at times.

Anyway...very exciting at the Barbour Household right now. Presents being wrapped (I'm searching to house to find luck) and the house has all the smells of Christmas, cinnamon, pine and of course...COOKIES.

Can't wait for the BIG DAY to arrive and see the eyes of the little one as she takes in the presents under the tree.


andrew said…
Doing the same here--- (well, that, and watching "Beauty and the Beast" on DVD (again !!)

Keona has started to memorize all of the lines, which is very scary!!!

And we have the cookies ready for Santa as well (although Nabisco did the baking for us)

Bought Keona a Leapster2 this year--- these days, we will go for anything that doesnt make that much noise !!!

Christmas Day will be at moms-- with your Holiday CD in hand !!!

Happy and Healthy to you and yours James !!!

Andrew, Mei & Keona
Artistic1 said…
Merry Christmas and so happy you are happy.
Athena said…
Happy Christmas from Spain!
Good with your search, ja, ja!
andrew said…
Wishing everyone out there a very Happy and Healthy Christmas !!!!

Mei, Andrew and Keona

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