Arirang TV, Romantic Time, the Rain and Graffiti

Wow we have been incredibly busy on this trip.  Press, food, press, more food...even more food and a little shopping.  There's a 24 hour mall here in's insane (in a good way).

Today we are off to shoot a TV program on the Arirang TV Network.  It's an international, English language network based in Seoul. We'll be singing some songs from A TALE OF TWO CITIES and then doing a photo shoot for a magazine.

It's been a whirlwind trip so far and I've not really gotten any time to see the sights.  Guess I'll just have to come back.

I posted some of these photos yesterday via twitter @james_barbour but I thought I'd put them back up here as well.

The above photo was taken outside the restaurant at which we ate dinner.  Great ambiance, wonderful food.  The waiter came by and told us that they were turning the lights down low for 10 minutes.  When we asked why...he said "It's Romantic Time."  I almost fell off my chair. 

"Romantic Time"...and only 10 minutes (without my amazing wife).  So naturally during "Romantic Time" we all talked about the next days events (which include today's TV show and the songs we were going to sing).  At least I have some good material for my next concert!

Below is where we stopped here to have some tea and get out of the rain

This one speaks for itself...


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