Korean BBQ and new friends

What a meal...

I'm a foodie...a good food foodie.

Last night I was taken to a Korean BBQ (I've eaten before but never in Korea).  I had an interesting experience in that I actually tasted the food.  What I mean by that is in the US most of our food is genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals etc.  (We eat organic at our house but there is still a difference).

So many wonderful dishes including Kimji which is pickled cabage. This dish is found to be eaten by those who live the longest, there seems to be a direct correlation to foods such as this and longevity.

Here's a photo of our table last night.  In the photo you'll see Kai.  Kai (on the right) is playing Darnay in the Korean production of A Tale Of Two Cities and his manager (seated to his left).  Kai just released his new CD on Universal Asia.

Here's a link for tickets in Korea

Korean Tale

This is a photo of the actress who plays Lucy and the director (seated right) of the Korean production.  Such incredible people and amazing performers.

First concert tonight!  Off to rehearsal.


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