Last day in Korea

Well we've had our last day in Korea and I'm sad to be leaving (but very happy to get home to my family).

It rained most of the day yesterday but that didn't stop us from having a bit of fun.  We stopped by the rehearsal space and presented the cast with a little cake as a token of our appreciation for welcoming us so graciously.  (I really do want to come back and see the full production).

I'm so happy to have met such wonderful people and made great friends.  I didn't get to have any cake though (that's a good thing because I'm getting FAT!).

Then after the cast gathering we had a brief meeting with Chris, the producer and then off for a little sightseeing.  We went to the Royal Palace here in South Korea.  The rain dampened the tour but we got to see some sights in between the rain drops.

Here are some photos of our little tour.  The above shot of the mountain was from the inner grounds of the Palace as well.

The photo below is one of the many entrances to the Palace.  We shot some video from this very spot which I'll upload a little later.  In fact I'm going to be doing a video blog as we get closer to Rebecca.  I'm going to be dropping some weight for the show and I'm going to have a little "Get Fit With Me" Contest for anyone who wants to join me over the next few months.  It's not going to be a "tell us all your results" unless you want to share your wins, but more of a motivation for us all to get healthier and more fit, which I think most of us can use.

Everyone who joins in the challenge will be eligible for a pretty cool prize (chosen at random from those who enter and stick with the program).  More details to come later.  And now...back to my photos.

The shot below that was while we were waiting out the rain.  But it didn't stop this little girl from playing in the drops, much like my own little girl who love to splash in the puddles.  I gotta admit, splashing in the puddles is kinda fun especially with my kids!

This is one of the m any thrown rooms in the palace.  It's where the King would meet heads of state.  The ceiling was just incredible.  All hand painted of course and simply beautiful.

I've got some more photos and as I mentioned some videos which I'll upload a little later.  So grateful to have visited this beautiful country and I'm looking forward to coming back soon.  


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