Morning from Seoul Korea

I love travel, it's one of the blessings of the kind of work that I do (but in that same breath sometimes it can be taxing.  I don't like being away from my family for too long).

That said, the chance to see places all over the world and meet people from different cultures is truly a tremendous opportunity.

The bottom line that I take away from all of my travel is that no matter where you are, what your culture, what your nationality we are all basically the same.

I was waiting in Incheon airport for baggage and I noticed a Korean grandmother and one of her grandchildren playing together as they waiting for family.  The granddaughter couldn't have been more that 1 1/2 old at the most but the laughter that came out of this little girls body was infectious it had the entire waiting area smiling ear to ear.

Not only did it make me miss my two amazing little ones back in California...but I also realized that the laughter of children is universal.  The smile, the joy, and the acceptance of life is so pure.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to keep that joy, that openness to the world?

I think we can, I really do.  There may be obstacles in our way, bumps along the road but if we let them stop us then we are letting the true spirit of life die (even just a little bit) within us.

So that was my firsts impression of Korea.  The openness, the smiles, the sincerity.

Today we have a meet and greet with the cast of Tale here in Korea.  Then I'm off to a magazine interview and a little photo shoot then back to rehearsal to sing through some songs I really haven't sung in a couple of years.  (Never really forget them though).

I'll be posting images and even some video of the process and performances via twitter so make sure to follow me there: @james_barbour


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