The Battle

Three words....


Where oh where Jelly Bean Dispensers have you been all my life?  

And you Chocolate Fountain in the distance, you sit there quietly enticing all who pass by and yet I know the danger...I will not give in, I will not take one of the plump marshmallows, place it on a stick and dip it into your chocolate sugar delight.

I have WILL POWER!  I will walk by you with my head held high, knowing that if I falter I will regret it in the morning.  

So to you Chocolate Fountain and you Jelly Bean dispensers I say,

"Nay!  You did not win this fight! Victory was mine, if only for an instant and I live on to fight another day.  We will meet again in the lobby of the Grand Ambassador Hotel and our next battle will be even greater.  May the best man (ok man and/or food substance) win!"

Off today to watch a bit of the Tale rehearsals with the Korean cast.  Very excited but sad at the same time as it's our last day here.  I'm looking forward to coming back very, very soon.


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