First Concert in KOREA!

Last night was the first of two concerts exploded on the stage of The Universal Theatre Korea. Let me first say how blown away I was by this Korean cast.  The vocal prowess of these singers is incredible and I truly mean incredible.  

Here's a photo of the actor who plays Carton.  This is the rehearsal for 'I Can't Recall'  

Mind you this is just the concert version not the full stage production.  The full production opens here on August 28th. Here's a link to tickets (in case you're in Korea of know someone in Korea).  It's going to be a wonderful show.


Here's a photo of Brandi with two of our Korean Hosts, Monique (originally from Texas but who has been living in Korea for the past 8 years).  She's a television correspondent here and has been gracious enough to act as our translator.  And the company manager Ted, who has been an instrumental part of the success of these concerts.

Again, I'm loving it here and am looking forward to yet another day of great fun and food, not to mention the final concert at 4pm today Korea time.


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