TV, Heren and some Radio

Yesterday Brandi and I did the Arirang Television show Heart to Heart with host Lee Sojung (who just happens to be a Broadway star of her own.  She starred as Kim on Broadway in Miss Saigon.

You can see this show all over the world, even the US so tune in!  Here's a link to the show site.

Heart To Heart

Then we were swept away to do a photo shoot for Heren Magazine.  Think Vogue.  This issue comes out in Spetember and the concept for the shoot was just incredible.  I can't really disclose what we did, buyt I'll get photos out as soon as they're released.  

The photographer was Taewoo Kim.  A brilliant fashion photographer who studied at RIT in New York.  

And today we have a radio show and another interview before going to hang a bit with the Korean cast of Tale.  


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