1776 and stuff

What a great group. Truly diverse and talented cast. 

It's great to see old friends and create with them in a new way.   We've only been rehearsing for two days but there is a bind forming already and there's a ton of laughter.  That means a lot to me and it's also an indication of the group. It's a good indication.

Joviality in work, dedication in work are great things to experience.  We love what we do, at least I do.  I'm truly blessed.

But let us not forget I have one more night of fun and music at Sardi's this weekend.  I've invited the gang from 1776 to stop by so you'll meet a bunch of them if you come this Saturday.  

Those discounts are still available, it's a great deal.  The 2 for 1 call in and the CLOVER discounts are still there.


Rae said…
Hi James,

Your last show was great. Evan and I had a blast.
We are so looking forward to 1776.

Take care of yourself.

Lauren said…
James! I heard that you were doing 1776!! I'd love to go see you portray as Edward Rutledge!! After hearing your portrayal on your Broadway CD concert. I really thought you were good. I just wish I saw you on the stage, as him. Good Luck James! =]

- Lauren.

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