Final Show

So we're heading into the final performance of Love Songs this weekend with special guests John Schuck and Jeff McCarthy.

It was wonderful to have R.C. sing this past weekend.  We had a blast.  He's such a pro and I'm looking forward working with him on 1776.  (Which, incidentally is the only reason we're really halting the concerts).

We were PACKED last Saturday night.  

We were gonna try a duet of Lilly's Eyes but in the end we didn't have the time to run it with Jeremy so we passed.  That would be a fun show for us though...

Anyway, this whole process has been such an amazing journey and a wonderful experience for me. I love sharing the space with my friends and the interaction with the audience is something that I normally don't get when I'm doing a proscenium show.

So come one down for this last Saturday, join in the fun one last time and help me celebrate what has been a truly incredible experience.  

Life truly couldn't be better.


Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I really enjoyed the show.
It was great spending time with you and Robert C. was awesome.
You have given us memories we will cherish always.

See you on Saturday for your final show(for this run) at Sardis!!!
Then on to 1776. How many times will we see it? Hmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said…
Ditto to what Rae said!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce said…

Quote :

(Which, incidentally is the only reason we're really halting the concerts).

Do I detect a faint flicker of hope that there is indeed a possibility you could be considering more shows in the future
( even if it might not be until the next Christmas
holiday season )?

Certainly hope so.

Looking forward to seeing you, and the wonderful cast, in '1776'.

Enjoy your time doing the show!

Best Wishes,


( from Maryland

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