Old Projects and New Projects

So I've just begun working a new project that I think will be VERY cool.  We've taken the Sardi's idea and sort of...enlarged it.  More on that later.

Anyway, I've got a great month of concerts lined up and some pretty stellar guests as well.  Jeremy and I are getting to work on the new material and we might even do a "requests" section....that is as long as I know the requests.  :)

That's what's fun about this concert...it changes every night and there's eve some music from the last round of Love Songs that I never sang or only sang once, so we'll revisit that as well.

I did take you guys up on the "frequent buyer" thing and sent out a pretty cool deal to those who have singed up for the newsletter.  But it's only valid for the March 7th show.  And if you ask me...it's a pretty sweet deal.  

We also started selling the posters last week and I'm giving a sizable portion of the proceeds from their sale to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  We've done so well with these concerts that it's time we started giving back. 

That's why I did the "frequent buyers" deal and the Poster donation.  

If anyone out there has yet to sign up for the newsletter, just go to my website: www.jamesbarbour.com and do so.  

If you do before March 6th you'll be eligible for the friends and family deal on March 7th.    We need time to send all the new folk the "frequent buyer" newsletter.

OK off to more work.  

OOps almost forgot...here's a link to some great photos from BroadwayWorld.com

And a great mention from Barry Gordin at theaterlife.com


Prof. Saleem said…
Hey James!

Any reruns of 'A tale of two cities' in New York any time soon?

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