St. Patty's Day

Whew...loooong day today.  

I was out and about for most of the day doing business with a friend from Ireland andironically we found ourselves inadvertently in the midst of the St. Patricks Day Parade.

Trying to cross the street was an ordeal unto itself.

I typically shy away from the crowds of the parades but I'm actually glad to have watched it for a while today.

I've got some Irish in me and there is a keen sense of pride when I hear the Bag Pipes.  

And what a beautiful day it was. I'm a warm weather guy and I love the sun. It makes me happy.  

So even though I found myself walking all over the city, it was a great day to do it.

Don't forget, only two weeks left folks...and these last two shows are gonna be doozies!

Look forward to seeing you there...


Artistic1 said…
Good to see you so happy :) And love the green script (something I might have come up with, also). I'm not much for crowds either, but I would have loved being in that parade of those maybe once in a lifetime things. It's been great having witnessed the progress of your concerts been such a success. Only one keep not blogging about your song choices, even after the concerts. Hope you will reveal at the end (?)
Athena said…
Saint Patrick is the patron saint of my city (Murcia, in Spain). Thanks for the green script, it is so funny!

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