Love and the Phantom

We had a wonderful night last night.  There were many Tale alumni in the audience and it was good to see them

I added two new songs to the show last night and I'm working on a couple more for this coming Saturday.

Speaking of this guest for the evening will be Ryan Silverman.  

Ryan will be taking over the role of Raoul in The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway....but you'll hear him first at my show this Saturday night.

Among many other things Ryan recently perfromed the role of "Karl" in the Encores production of Music In The Air with Doug Sills and Kristin Chenoweth.  

And I had the pleasure to appear with him in Broadway By The Year this past month.

For those of you who have not yet heard Ryan don't want to miss this one.

Click here for tickets:  HERE


Joyce said…

This request may be impossible, but, I was
just wondering if a D.B.G.
as yourself,would consider singing 'The Music Of The Night' from 'Phantom Of The Opera'.

How did the role of Phantom ever escape you with your powerful voice?
Cannot think of anyone more 'dark and brooding' than him!

Seriously, I can just imagine how awesome you would be performing this

Came up from Maryland to
see your 'Holiday' concert on December 28th, and, your 'Love Songs' show
on February 21st.

What fabulous shows. Glad to hear that your concerts are continuing through March at Sardi's.

Keep the wonderful guests coming!


P.S. Another great song -
'Papa, Can You Hear Me?'

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