Today and onward...

What a great day we had today.  Daniel Zorovich came and sang, what a talent he is.  And my buddy Kevin Greene popped out two wonderful tunes.  His songs we both touching and powerful.

And I had a special surprise guest, Michael Hayward Jones, who sang Danny Boy and that was a special moment for all of who were there.  

Next week we have Robert Cuccioli and then on the 28th we have:

 John Schuck

John and I will be doing 1776 together (with Robert Cuccioli)


Jeff McArthy (who I know from Urinetown days)

Those discounts are still in effect so grab 'em while you can get them.  The 21st is almost completely sold out an we're getting close on the 28th.  

Click 'em and Pick 'em...HERE


andrew said…
Michael's "Danny Boy" was amazing !! The entire day was great, and just another thanks to you for making these shows so enjoyable, and to the entire crew at "Sardi's"- Truly a great staff !

Thanks for making our little one feel so special today !! Keona loved the show !! (and luckily gave mom and dad a break by falling asleep for a bit !!)

See ya soon !!!!

Andrew, Mei, and Keona
Joyce said…

Would really love to hear
you sing 'Molasses To Rum'
from '1776' at this Saturday's show.

Hope you will consider it.

Anonymous said…
Saw Saturday's show. Amazing! You really have a wonderful voice!

I was glad to hear that the recording of Dracula hasn't been forgotten....
Lauren said…
Oh, man james! You're loving this aren't you. I'm so mad i couldn't be there. I love Rob in j/h! your so lucky. I hope you have a great time =]

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