R.C. and Me

Tomorrow night's gonna be a great night.  We are almost completely sold out (only a couple of seats left).  

I spoke with Bob today and we might try singing a duet.  Neither of us have done this particular song in a while and we've never actually sung together...ever...so it should be an interesting run at it.

After tomorrow night we've only got one show left.  March 28th is going to be a party with wonderful friends and wonderful music.  

And those discounts are all still available through the end of the run.  

See you all there.  

Link To Tickets:  HERE


Anonymous said…
Rae and I look forward to hearing your great voice again and again.

We have seen R.C. at the Westchester Dinner Theater and White Plains Performing Arts Center and he is awesome.

The two of you in the same room will be awesome.

C U later in the day
Rae and Evan
Paul Baretsky said…
I was in a party of 4 this past Saturday, March 21st. at Sardi's. His voice and delivery are mesmerizing and he ranks as the most distinctive baritone on Broadway. IF I LOVED YOU was pure gold as were all of his choices, but that song stood alone. No question that his voice stands alone, but his patter and relaxed demeanor added to the joy of the evening. Being a veteran, I especially appreciated his stories about his father-in- law, an ex-marine, and his feelings about all men and women in uniform. BRAVO JAMES.
Sally said…
I was fortunate enough to attend the concert on the 21st. I believe James has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. The concert was cozy and comfortable. Each song was beautifully sung and several were actually new to me. James was also extremely patient and generous with his time after the concert. Thank you for a memorable experience, Mr. Barbour. See you in 1776!

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