For the Final Weeks

So for the final weeks of Love Songs we're going to offer some specials deals. You've all been so very supportive of the show (and the Holiday Concert) and I'm so very grateful.

I always say that we can't do theatre in a vacuum and in truth that goes the same for any type of art.  Heck, we really can't live in a vacuum either.  

I think sometimes we try but we are all part of this spinning blue marble in space and when I remind myself of that fact (which I try to do often) it sort of puts things in perspective.  The "I" turns into the "We" and the "We" turns into an "Us."  

So with that in mind we're going to work on some things for you all to make these last couple of shows even more "Us."  I'd love to have you all back one more time to share in, what has for me, been an incredible experience and again...without you guys it would have never happened. 

So, keep your eyes peeled for the offers as they come in.  

I'm also going to announce our final guests in the next couple of days.  But more immediately we've added one guest for Saturday night (hint is she and I have worked together on Broadway before).   

So we'll not only have Ryan...but another as well.  The announcement should be out tomorrow (crossing my fingers).


Rae said…
Hi James,

We are so glad things are going well. We hope to see you on the
21st. We saw Robert C. recently in Camelot. He is awesome.

Rae and Evan

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