Dinner with James

So for the St. Patty's day weekend we're going to have some fun.  

We've set up a discount called "CLOVER" which takes $15 off the regular $45 ticket (making it $30). 

And there is a 2 for 1 on the premium $60 seats which also makes those $30 a piece.  

The 2 for 1 offer you have to call in to get like before.  

But here's the fun part.  Anyone who is coming to this Saturday nights show....and who wants to come at 8:30 pm for dinner to cover their $25 minimum...we'll have dinner together.   

I get to talk with you guys after the show but not in an "informal" setting.  So...use the discount codes, come this Saturday and let's eat.

We'll set up a big table and chat away.  


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