All Day with the Baby

James Barbour is spending every second he can with his wife and new baby, but he asked me to still pass on this message to everyone (he wrote this last night, so "tomorrow" is really "today"):

"Day off tomorrow! I love to work and work hard but the good thing about tomorrow being our day off is that I get to spend it ALL with the newest member of our family.

"It's such a beautiful thing to look down and see that little face staring back at you.

"I can really get into the 'stroller' conversations now! I couldn't believe that JEEP actually makes a stroller. Wonder if it comes with a 100,000 mile limited warranty?"

Thanks for all the comments and congrats as well.


jiujiu said…
Thank you for posting, Edin :)
( Oh my God! Jeep is not just making a stroller, but THE stroller, with Ipod and mp3 player too!)
Heidi said…
Congratulations and best wishes to all!
Joy said…
Congratulations! I hope you finally got her name picked out! Truly, it was very kind of you to stay after the show on Saturday night to sign autographs and take pictures. Especially considering that the single greatest thing you've ever done was waiting for you!

The show was amazing and the cast was incredibly personable and fun afterwards. That Miles is going to be a heartbreaker! He already had 5 or 6 little girls lined up to get his autograph (he even brought his own silver Sharpie) and he was loving every minute of it.

Stroller advice....get one that opens and closes with one'll never have two free hands to do anything again!
Wild4music said…
Did you plan the baby's arrival to be just before Tale's Broadway opening?

I noticed you are not responding to commenters' questions on this blog, so I hope you start doing that soon (most likely you don't because you must be so busy!). Everyone will surely appreciate this :)
Otherwise the "learning process" about what you are blogging about will be a bit thwarted :(

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