Preparing for A Tale of Two Cities "Gypsy Run Thru"

Again, leaving this all to James Barbour:

“Well, we’re ready for an audience... at least an invited audience. Tomorrow we’ll be having friends and family come to see the show for the first time. It’s called a ‘Gypsy Run Thru’. It’s a good thing to add into the mix as the audience response is actually going to help us determine what we need to enhance or change in the show before we officially open in September. It’s a necessary part of the process for without the audience... there would be no show. They are who and what we do our work for, after all.

“It’s also an incredibly exciting time. You can hear the buzz of the crowd as they file into the theatre and settle into their seats in anticipation of what they are about to see. I’m always excited when I go to see a new piece because I know how hard everyone has worked in order to get the show to this point. I can tell you that those associated with A Tale of Two Cities have worked incredibly hard.

“We had a rather short rehearsal process, much shorter than we would have normally, in fact almost half of what a new Broadway show usually has. And in that short time Warren Carlyle, our amazing director, has taken this stellar cast to places I never thought imaginable. Tomorrow night is going to be a special night!

“By the way, this leads into a good trivia question for those reading this who are not in the theatre profession: Anyone want to take a stab at why it’s called a ‘Gypsy Run-Thru’?”


WillG said…
the reason its called a gypsy run through is because "gypsies" go from show to show, and all the "gypsies" or actors come to this performance to support and crituque and give there insight because they've been on the stage and know what its like and are able to give a different support and different point of view
Romie said…
My idea would definitely be that because gypsies do so many shows they often help and critique each other. Doing a run of the new show just for their fellow gypsies before releasing it.

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