A Tale of Two Cities' First Preview

A Tale of Two Cities, James Barbour's current Broadway show (if you hadn’t figured that out by reading the blog so far), had its first preview last night. I have seen good initial reviews for it on Twitter, which is great.

This is the first time everyone gets to do the show in front of strangers (as opposed to the Gypsy Run-Thru) and see how the changes work and so on.

As you can imagine, James is very excited about this part of the process (he seems excited about all parts, just shows you how much he loves what he does) so here it is from him:

“First Preview!

“Last night was a SOLD OUT crowd for our first preview and I can't say how happy we all were to have such a great audience. We implemented some small changes that I think made a big difference and rode the wave to the curtain call.

“It was a glorious night.

“There was a small reception after the show for the cast and a few of the investors...it was a great gathering but one I had to exit early because we are back in the theatre at noon to continue the ‘fixes’ and I was in need of some serious sleep.”

By the way... totally correct answers on the GYPSY Run-Thru question! Thanks for commenting, feel free to ask questions or make comments at any time.


Heidi said…
Was at the show tonight and absolutely loved Barbour's performance, hence deciding to look him up on the web at this hour. The show as a whole really worked for me, but he was the heart of it. I only wish "I Can't Recall" were a bit longer for him -- the show as a whole feels like a zillion very short numbers. There'll be no escaping the Les Mis comparisons, I fear, but in that case it's Les Mis minus the On My Own and all the other pieces that junior high school girls were singing incessantly. Maybe that sounds like a good thing. But c'mon, no eleven o'clock number?

And this is a childhood Dickens fan picky moment, but if the show WILL keep the exact wording of his final letter -- where in god's name is the conversation that they were meant to have had? It was substituted with that very sentimental kiss-and-scarf scene.

Sorry. Will no doubt spill out more comments on my own blog. But really, meant to just leave an electronic bouquet. Thanks very much for a lovely evening. I've never gone to a Bway preview before, so even the technical snafus were interesting to me.

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