First Time A Tale of Two Cities All Together

The “previews” start for A Tale of Two Cities on August 19th, so I am sure you can imagine the LONG hours James Barbour is putting in right now.

Of course, this means that everything is finally getting tied together, all those pieces which up until now have been being worked on separately are, finally, all happening at once.

Yesterday was the day when all the planned lighting, sound, sets and everything gets thrown into the mix. Hopefully any minor bugs come up now so they can be fixed. Now the actors really get to see all the other creative parts of the show come to life.

James said:

“Today we finished 'teching' the show. The tech process is arduous at times simply because it’s the time when all of the elements of the show are integrated, the set, lighting, sound, costumes and make-up. But even though we’re pulling 12 hour days this, to me, is also one of the most exciting parts of the process. All the pieces begin to come together and the show really takes form. The orchestra is the last component added to the mix after the tech process is complete. So once tech is done the orchestra pit is fitted with microphones and set up for the musicians. Then we start running the show from start to finish with the orchestra in place. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day."


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