Back to Work

Back to work. Yesterday was a good day an hour of cardio in during the day and took my wife to a nice dinner, she so deserves it!

I mentioned in yesterday's blog that my prep for TALE is different than that of the other show I work with Phil Goglia.

What's different is that 'Carton' lived in London in the late 1790's. He also drank excessively and basically didn't take care of himself. To that end I wanted to be very thin and not overly muscular.

So Phil put me on much the same dietary program but the gym routine was a bit different. I was to do a MINIMUM of one hour of cardio a day and no weights whatsoever. So I did...and I began to drop the weight. I continued to stretch and do a bit of yoga, flexibility is important to me.

I hurt my back in 1995 (herniated a disc) and I rehabbed by doing yoga so I keep that up daily as well. I wouldn't recommend cutting out the strength training, weights etc. because i think it's a good thing to keep in the daily routine.

I cut it out for this specific purpose and obviously had a precise goal in mind. Setting goals...another important thing in my life...(that and trying to figure out which stroller to buy for the baby). I've become a stroller aficionado!


jiujiu said…
I've just read this: when you talk about cardio, weights and yoga... that's awesome, you sound exactly like my brother! :P
Thank you for posting, it continues to be very interesting ( especially when you talk about your idea of how Carton should look like )
A question: you manage to take your wife out for dinner, work on Tale ( Loved the concept album..I cant' wait for the Broadway cast album!) do cardios, write blogs and you even got time to think which stroller to buy for your baby...Who are you? Superman? :P

ps: about the stroller, take a look here and good luck! :D

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