Tweaks to A Tale of Two Cities

We will probably be hearing a lot about the "tweaks" that are going to happen to the show prior to its official opening in September.

James Barbour:

"Today we're working with the orchestra, fixing little things that we can't hear on stage or adding certain musical nuances to the orchestrations so that the actors can get a better feel of the music on stage.

"It's also a time when the sound department can make corrections.

"Carl, our sound designer, was standing on stage with the actors as we sang through some of the numbers with the orchestra. It allowed him to hear what we hear every night during the show. Two of my numbers, for example, were 'tweaked' orchestrally and also 'tweaked' in our sound monitors so that specific instruments became more prominent in the mix. This helps me to really key in musically through lines and hopefully make the song more powerful overall.

"All coming together to make the show even stronger.

"Another performance tonight."


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