Can I just say...Miracle!

I didn't have a chance to write an addition to the blog yesterday because immediately following the performance... I rushed to the hospital where my wife was giving birth to our baby.

It was the most amazing 12 hours of my life and to watch the strength with which my wife embraced this process left me dumbfounded. The fact that women have the fortitude to handle such a thing is beyond my comprehension. I am so proud of my wife for the strength she showed during the labor process.

So after what was an exhausting night... we have a beautiful baby girl with pudgy cheeks and dimples! She's amazingly healthy and alert and sorta looks like a little Buddha. My wife is likewise healthy and came through the process like a pro. She was glowing all day.

Today's rehearsal focused on some fixes with the Orchestra but Warren Carlyle, our esteemed director, quickly e-mailed me telling me to stay where I was and that he would see me in time for tonight's show.

So, I stayed put, held my baby for an hour, ran home, walked the dogs and rushed down to the theatre for the 8 pm curtain.

I've worked on very little sleep before but tonight I had only about 3 hours of sleep in me before the curtain.

It didn't matter though, the adrenaline rush of the previous night and following morning were enough to keep me going.

So here ya have it... Miracle. I am truly blessed.


jazz1234 said…
Congratulations to you both. So glad to hear everything went well and wife and baby are fine.
Romie said…
That is so wonderful, I am biased to a little girl! What a fabulous blessing enjoy her every moment.
jiujiu said…
Congratulations! To both of you! I can hardly imagine your joy right now and I believe your little girl is truly a miracle! Enjoy every single moment with your wife and baby ( and with your friends also, they will surely love her! and those moments are gonna be the best memories of your life) and take good care of them, but take care of yourself also, have some rest! :)
Kathryn said…
Congratulations to your and your beautiful wife. I am so happy for you both. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. You are indeed very blessed.
Congratulations to you and your wife, I'm glad to hear that all three of you came through the birthing process alright and are doing fine and deliriously happy!
Heather said…
Congratulations! Good to hear that it went smoothly and everything is fine.
Alexa said…
Bravo, encore! Your dedication must be everything-proof for you to update your blog even at such an exceptional time, when being too distracted to do so would be more than understandable.
I commend your commitment and applaud your newest miracle, wishing nothing but bliss for your daughter- may 'her dreams be blessed', always.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I was at the matinee performance that day, I'm so happy for you, enjoy your little miracle!
Athena said…
Congratulations! My sister just gave birth to her baby last 24th August. It's a miracle. You have to be so proud!

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