Fun Idea

When I came out of the stage door on Saturday night I asked the crowd gathered who had traveled the furthest to see the show. I got responses ranging from New Jersey, The Bronx, Florida and California to London and Japan.

Then I thought so many people from all over the globe come to NY to see Broadway and in turn I wanted to do something fun for one person who has traveled the furthest.

So, once a week (maybe more often) I'm going to give out a piece of TALE OF TWO CITIES memorabilia, T-Shirt, hat or poster to the person who has traveled the furthest to see the show. The catch is that the person has to have some way to prove it. Who might just get some cool stuff!

So come to the stage door after the show to see if you won. I will do this from now through opening weekending (last night Sept 21st).

Stay posted for any other fun things I want to do that are still stewing.

Also, thank you everyone for the great comments, I have loved every one of them.


Heidi said…
My brother always says that writing a blog is like shouting out your window (though I think this is only true if you're not famous in any way). But it explains why commenting on a stranger's blog, even if he is famous, feels like being the lunatic who opens their window and shouts back. It's a bit embarrassing. Still, as a big fan who looks at the theater world a bit wistfully from outside, I have to say that I am really enjoying your blog a lot and hope you keep it up, though I am sure that between show and baby, it will be hard!
jiujiu said…
Oh, I would have loved to go to the stage door after the show and say " I'm from Italy!" and to prove it I would have pasta! (, right now it's more expensive than gasoline!)
I would have figured it out in the mean time :P
Unfortunately I'm very far away from New York and Broadway, and I won't get to go and visit US until next year, when I will finally have saved enough to run away from home and fly across the ocean to the Big Apple, where I will start a new life as a dishwasher---errrr, I mean musical performer in some unknown Off Broadway production!
(aside the dreamy talks, I will really come to the city as a student next year, hopefully in March :P so I hope to see Tale and be part of a crowd at the stage door! :D )
Heather said…
Just wanted to say that I saw Tale of Two Cities this past Saturday, and it was amazing. You and the rest of the cast truly deserve to have this show do well on Broadway, as you can tell that everyone put their all into it and truly cares about the show. I'm hoping to be back to see it once more with a friend at the end of this year. It's a lovely production all around, one of the best I've seen on Broadway (and I've seen quite a few). And the most of the audience seemed to agree!

Also wanted to thank you and the rest of the cast for being so gracious and friendly at the stage door--actors are not always like that, and it was a great experience after the show. I'm definitely enjoying reading your blog, and looking forward to seeing how Tale of Two Cities comes along!

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