Gypsy Run Thru of A Tale of Two Cities

The Gypsy Run-Thru is done and James Barbour is all excited:

“Last night was our Gypsy Run-Thru and it was a terrific night.

“Having an audience in the house was such a pleasure. We've been running the show basically for ourselves, the creative team, the producers and such. Now with an audience we get to have the visceral response from them.

“The audience really teaches us what works and what doesn't in any show. Even when a show such as A Tale of Two Cities works on so many levels, it's important in this preview process to really take into consideration what is working and what can work even better. So to that end we continue to make changes everyday. Whether they are little "tweaks" in music, re-blocking a scene or cutting extraneous material, it all goes into making the show as powerful as possible.

“We're in the theatre at 12 noon today after leaving at around 11 pm last night and we are rehearsing every minute to implement those changes.

“With that in mind, I have to give a shout out to the crew of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, they have become a part of this team and an integral part. There are very few automated set pieces in our show and thus most are moved by human power alone. This amazing group of technicians have been working even longer hours than the actors. They get to the theatre between 8 and 9 am and don't leave until after the show is done at night, after 11pm.

“They are amazing!”


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