"Sitzprobe" for A Tale of Two Cities

As you can probably imagine, James Barbour is working extra hours to get ready for the previews for his new Broadway show A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

However there is so much fun and exciting stuff happening he wanted to share, I am going to help him get his blog mojo going.

What I heard today was all about "Sitzprobe" (I had to ask what it was and it is basically where the cast sits with the orchestra and runs through all of the musical numbers in the show for the first time. This is where they first get to integrate the entire show with the cast and musicians together, after all the rehearsing they have done separately).

James was asked about today's Sitzprobe and here's what he said:

"The wonderful thing for me about the Sitzprobe itself is that we get to hear the music in it's "raw" format. There are no sets, no lights or costumes...just the musicians, the instruments and the artists all in one room performing the music. Singing with a live orchestra is an incredible thing, it's like riding the biggest wave in the ocean trying to catch all its nuances as it crests and falls and then letting it wash over you and carry you safely to the shore. Even though I've sung this music before with an orchestra in Sarasota during our run at the Asolo Theatre many of the Broadway orchestrations have been enhanced making this epic music even more lush. It was truly a remarkable day."

James went on and on about how honored he is to work with this group of musicians. He is thrilled with their work saying that listening to them play the score of A TALE OF TWO CITIES is amazing.

Kevin Sties, the TALE conductor, has brought the cast and orchestra together in a powerful way and the music coming out of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on West 45th Street is beautiful!

Previews for the show start on August 19th!!


Artistic1 said…
Thanks, James, for including all of us in your unique and fantastic adventure called "A Tale of Two Cities", and sharing these cool and rewarding details in your blog, they are priceless! Your blog portrays your performing self well. Love the colors, format, the lettering, everything! Thanks to Enid, also, for helping to launch it!
Looking forward to what's yet to come!

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