Costumes for A Tale of Two Cities

James Barbour was excited to let me know that A TALE OF TWO CITIES got to see and wear their final costumes yesterday.

The costumes were designed by David Zinn and he has helped to bring the characters of this Dickens' classic to life on the stage with colors and textures that are stunning.

James wanted to share:

"The costumes, wow! David's designs are wonderful. We've rehearsed for so long in a studio wearing our regular 2008 street clothes that when we get to this point in the process it is always exciting.

"As actors we can bring our interpretation of the characters to life but in a 'period' piece such as TALE the costumes add so much. They serve to bring the reality of the 1700's to the forefront. My boots, for example, change the way I walk, my coat changes the way I stand and move on the stage. It's like adding history to our performances... the pain of the French Revolution and exquisite beauty of the love that swirls around this redemptive story has been literally painted in fabric by David Zinn and wearing these individual works of art is a treat beyond measure."


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