Academy Awards and Small Mammals

So they announced the Academy Award nominations today and I was so pleased to see that Amy Adams got her second nod.  She's a great gal and I've known her since she first got to LA.

It's so wonderful to see nice people succeeding and Amy is one of those nice people.  Here's a shout out to Amy...Congrats!

Jeremy and I were in the studio again today for a couple of hours working on some new material. Looks like we might throw in a Wildhorn tune that no one has ever heard. 

Plus we're working on an audience participation section that should (fingers crossed) be loads of fun.  Let's just say that there are small mammals involved in this one...don't ask, you'll have to come and see.

Tickets to see the singing mammals:  HERE


andrew said…
Fell in LOVE with Amy Adams during "Enchanted" !!! (Keona's fave movie.... even if we have to watch the "Thats How You Know" scene over and over !!!..LOL)

Cant wait to see her in "Night At The Museum 2"- The pics of her look adorable !!!

"Small Mammals"...?????

Hmmmmm........ Whatever it is, sure it will be a blast !!!


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