Super Bowl and Yogurt

Today the girls and I watched football.  OK, I watched football while the girls watched me.  Not altogether true, but sort of.  

In the morning I watched some of the preinaugural proceedings which were cool until I found out that they weren't allowed to show any of the concert performers because HBO had a deal to air them later on.  But it was still memorable. 

I was at Clinton's first inauguration as I happened to be in DC with The Secret Garden playing the Kennedy Center at that time.  That was a day to remember.  Thousands of people lining the Mall in a sense of anticipation. I'll never forget it.

Anyway in between Obama and Football, we took the baby outside for a nice walk (it was much more mild out than yesterday) and had a nice brunch with a good friend.  It's always nice to get the baby outside for a long stroll or two, she loves it, looking around at all the sites.  It's much more difficult given the temperatures but we keep her bundled up snug as a bug in a rug and she usually falls asleep within about 15 minutes of the walk.  Sleeps so peacefully.

OK some updates:

Here are some links to stories about my concerts from

We've now got:
 Lauren Kennedy set for 12/31
Jenny Powers set for 2/7 

and...the amazing 

Julia Murney for 2/28.  See the articles below.

Off to eat my yogurt, fat free, sugar free and down right tasty!

And as me for tickets


andrew said…
Sounds a bit like my day !!!

Watched the Obama HBO special as well. (Was really hoping that U2 would sing "One", but still a great event !!!)

Then, was football time---(as much as Keona would let me watch it, while doing Disney Princess puzzles all day !!! (but wouldnt give it up for the world !) I have been a Steeler for almost 30 years now, so needless to say I am VERY excited, but I think Warner and the Cards have some "mojo" going on.

Only difference was the food--- Pork Chops and then "Apple Jacks"...LOL

Anonymous said…
Julia Murney! The names so far are quite impressive!

Watched a little football today myself. I was quite sorry to see my dad's hometown Iggles throw it away (quite literally). At least the Phillies won the World Series.
Liv said…
Oh my god Julia! I know what date i'm getting tickets for! Glad to hear the baby is doing so well.

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