Obama Express

I watched the 'Obama Express' a bit today.  It's amazing to see how just a little bit of optimism goes a long, long way.

No matter what your political beliefs this is certainly a time for change.  It's inevitable.  There is too much going on around us to ignore.  Most of us are affected by it on a daily basis and we are in the midst of perhaps one of the most crucial times in many of ours lives.

I remember my father telling me about growing up in the late 20's and 30's.  Very different times, yet so similar in many ways.  The depression had left little money and people literally had to reinvent themselves.  What was once a land of opportunity had a become a land of self-doubt and questioning.  

Well out of that era we grew.  We regained our confidence and began making choices that would eventually lead us to become the most powerful Nation in the world.   We still have that distinction and now it's time to realign our values, realign our thinking and get back to work.  It's time to regain our confidence.

I sense confidence in Obama.  I don't get the feeling that there is over-confidence, just simple confidence and a sense of reality.  

Confidence is defined by Random House as: "full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing." And self-confidence as; "realistic confidence in one's own judgement, ability, power, etc."

Confidence doesn't mean that one has all the answers or will be able to solve all the problems by themselves.  Confidence, to me, means having the courage to rise to the challenge at hand, to give everything one has toward a certain goal, to acknowledge that one needs help in a certain area and ask for it. 

And...knowing that if mistakes are made, and they inevitably will be as no one is perfect, that we learn from them and grow from them to make a stronger, more educated decision the next time.

It is an exciting time.  And a time of opportunity for us all to look at where we are, take stock of how we live and have the confidence to forge ahead into the future.

I'm excited about creating opportunities.  It's what I did with these concerts I'm doing.  From nothing, we create something and from that something we create something else.   

I'm excited to share these creations with you, and in effect, you have all helped me to create this by being there at the shows...so in essence we are sharing a mutual "create."  Thanks for that.

By the way, BroadwayWorld has a story up about Lauren Kennedy and the Love Songs show. Here it is below.  

So come on down, heck come on down a couple of times.  That's why we did that $25 ticket and they're still pretty good seats.  Who's ready to get up and sing?

And as always:  Click Me For Tickets


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