New CD

Cold today...but I spent most of it working on a song list for the new CD.  

We had another great mention on today announcing Laura's appearance. 

Here's the link: Playbill

Short blog today, but I've got to get back to work.


Liv said…
Oh a new album, brilliant!
Siobhan said…
Just curiuos if you can say: Is it a cd of love songs or random Bdway show tunes or your own music?
Tammy said…
James, you really do enjoy pushing our buttons, don't you? I love how you drop little New CD...but don't really give us any information. You love to keep us on the hook!

Okay, I'll bite. Is it the Christmas CD you talked about recording? Or perhaps a new collection of Broadway numbers? Is it a recording of your Love Songs concert? Please tell us! Whatever it is, you know I'll be first in line to buy it!

andrew said…
Just saw the NY1 spot on "On Stage" --- VERY exciting !!!

Cant wait for Saturday night, and more details about the CD.

jiujiu said…
ohhh, i just can't wait!!!
A said…
A new CD? Fantastic! :) :) :)

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