So those of you who came to the Holiday Concerts will remember the program cover art that the great Tim Hartman created for me.

Well he's done it again for the Love Songs series.  It's a bit different, a little less 'Carton' and a little more (OK a lot more) me.  I like it so a big thanks to Tim.

We've got some interesting ideas we've been playing with over the past few days in terms of music choices.  Not sure we'll have time to implement them all, but you know me...might just throw something in at the last minute unrehearsed.

I spoke with Dennis DeYoung a couple of days ago about some music.  I'm going to work on a couple of tunes from his Hunchback that you guys haven't heard.  It's beautiful music, has that pop/legit cross over feel to it.

For those of you on the east coast...stay warm.  I couldn't believe it when I walked outside today.  Incredibly cold.

So...come in a warm your heart with a love song or two: Love Songs Tickets


Artistic1 said…
I absolutely love this drawing...
Mr. Hartman is, indeed, a very talented artist. And, I also really like his original detail on the scarf;it really adds to the theme at hand, and gives the drawing a special image.
Thanks for sharing.
Liv said…
What a day brightener, that's so lovely!
andrew said…
I was fortunate enough to be handed one of the drawings of the "Tale" cast by Mr. Hartman on the next to last day of performances. We loved it so much that we framed it ! He is extremely talented, and love this new pic! Less of the "dark brooding man"

And dating myself here, but love(d)
"Styx" !!!!

Cant wait to hear what you have planned !!!

Anonymous said…
The artwork is fabulous. Perfect for the upcoming concerts. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your guests. Too great ones so far!

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