The Governor, Kenneth Cole and the Dreidel

What a crowd last night. 

We Sold Out our house last night which is always fun to do. 

Former Governor Mario Cuomo came with his wife.  Kenneth Cole and family were also in attendance as was Steve Rankin (an old buddy and the fight director on the upcoming Guys and Dolls on Broadway) and as always, it was great to see them.

Part of the fun of my show is the audience interaction so when we got to the Dreidel song and talked about the missing additional lyrics I looked down and saw Ken on his Blackberry. I naturally joked that he was doing business during the show but he was really looking up the additional lyrics for the Dreidel song on the internet.

What I read them off his Blackberry only to find that what he didn't notice was that they were the lyrics to the 'South Park' version of the song.  We sang just a couple of verses of that one...

Anyway, great show, great people, great friends.  Our last Holiday Show is today with Jack Noseworthy.  


andrew said…

Last night's show was amazing !!!

Kevin Earley has an amazing voice, and Natalie Toro almost blew the pictures of the wall with "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" !!

Sad that these shows have to come to an end, but looking forward to the VERY near future !!!

Kathy said…
Awesome "evening-show" closer James!
We went to the very first and very last evening shows, so it was great to see how the show evolved. Loved both nights.

Every standing ovation (and there were more than a few) was well deserved.

Natalie, Kevin and Michael were outstanding. ...Satisfied my TALE craving...for now.
Still miss it dearly though.

Your February shows sound great.
Yay for "more details coming soon".


ps. Kenneth Cole's crisp white shirt in a sea of NYC black shirts was quite impressive. South Park Dreidel lyrics moment was quite hilarious.
Jason M. said…
I have the craziest idea! Why don't you and I sing Lily's Eyes for one of your concerts. You can choose which part you want; we would be out of this world, never mind that you can get Tony and Grammy Award winners to do it with you instead!

- Jason
One of your biggest fans who's never had the privilege of seeing you perform live.

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